Fantasia Film Festival honors del Toro, Miike for 20th anniversary

Fantasia Film Festival Guillermo del Toro Takashi Miike

The 20th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is set to hit Montreal from July 14-August 2. The massive genre event will be playing host to a crazy number of screenings and special events, playing over 130 films (the full list will be announced July 5th) including the much-anticipated LIGHTS OUT.

The festival will also be host to the world premieres of Steven Shainberg's RUPTURE as well as REALIVE, the Frankensteinian picture from Spanish director Mateo Gil. Among the international directors appearing at the festival, special honors will be awarded to Guillermo del Toro (who will be receiving the prestigious Cheval Noir award) and Takashi Miike (who is receiving a Lifetime Achievement honor).

Additional screenings include Darren Lynn Bousman's ABATTOIR, Jim Hosking's THE GREASY STRANGLER, ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM: GRADUATION, Richard Bates Jr.'s TRASH FIRE, the Australian horror-comedy RED CHRISTMAS, and Babak Anvari's UNDER THE SHADOW (which is getting an American remake).

For more information, you can visit Fantasia Film Festival's official web site.


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