Farrah Abraham and scream queens are menaced in Adam K.

Adam K. Farrah Abraham Joston Theney

MTV's "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham, pop star Emii, and genre regulars Brinke Stevens, Mindy Robinson, Sarah Nicklin, Arielle Brachfeld, Kristin Wall, and Jessica Cameron lead the cast of writer/director Joston Theney's ADAM K., a horror movie that is set to be released through Theney's company #SINNINGWORKS this fall.

ADAM K. gives the viewer a glimpse into 

a day in the life of mild-mannered and seemingly good-natured auto insurance claims manager Adam Kraul. He sets out to be a do-gooder and make friends, however ends up with mutilated victims in his wake when his invitations for friendships are rejected.

Sounds interesting, and while I have honestly never seen Abraham in anything - not even episodes of Teen Mom - I am a fan of some of the scream queens Theney assembled for his cast.

If ADAM K. has you intrigued, keep an eye on the film's Facebook page, where information on the DVD/Blu-ray pre-order will soon be posted. The window of opportunity for pre-orders will open on August 29th, and those who order the DVD/Blu-ray before its release date of October 31st will receive an autographed poster and special gift. A VOD release is set to follow on November 22nd.

Adam K.

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