FDR versus Werewolves in new trailer & stills for FDR: American Badass

Alright so we know Abe Lincoln has the vampires covered. But what about werewolves? Actually we're talking Nazi werewolves here! Only one man can tackle a task like that - Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

Way back in November 2010 Eric told us all about a horror/comedy heading our way called FDR: AMERICAN BADASS! You guys remember that? Nah, you probably don't. Worry not though! Today we've got a trailer for this thing as well as some promos and stills so I'm going to remind you all about it!

Coming from director Garrett Brawith and scribe Ross Patterson, FDR: AMERICAN BADASS! stars Lin Shaye, Bruce McGill, Ray Wise, Paul Ben-Victor, Keri Lynn Pratt (below) with Kevin Sorbo as 'Abraham Lincoln' and Barry Bostwick as our titular hero. We don't have much of a synopsis for FDR but what we do have is this: Franklin Delano Roosevelt slaying werewolves, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Emperor Hirohito with his weaponized custom wheelchair. Works for me!

Now if you scroll above and below you'll find a handful of new stills from the flick along with a redband trailer and three promo videos! I swear I spoil you guys sometimes. So what're you waiting for? All the goods can be found above and below with the videos also up in our videos section.

Unfortunately there's no inklings of a release date for FDR: AMERICAN BADASS! just yet but as soon as we hear any updates on this bad larry we'll pass them right along to all of you.

FDR: AMERICAN BADASS! (2011) - Redband Trailer

FDR: AMERICAN BADASS! (2011) - Promo #1 "Four Loko"

FDR: AMERICAN BADASS! (2011) - Promo #2 "Black & Yellow"

FDR: AMERICAN BADASS! (2011) - Promo #3 "Charlie Sheen"

Extra Tidbit: What other presidents would you like to see go toe-to-toe with some genre baddies?
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