Fear is the enemy in the first trailer for Toxin, starring Danny Glover


Who better to fight a deadly virus than Danny Glover and Vinnie Jones? Though he may be getting to old for this shit, Glover goes up against a virus in the first trailer for TOXIN, which has yet to be given a release date. While the trailer itself really isn't half bad, I got the impression that it mapped out almost too much of the story; I feel like I just watched the entire movie! So if you want to go into TOXIN knowing very little, then you might want to look the other way. Everyone else, though, enjoy the trailer below!

The synopsis:

A pharmaceutical company recruits a well-known scientist to help develop a vaccine against a deadly virus. A group of friends must fight for their lives when they stumble into the center of the military’s top secret base to contain it.

Written and directed by Jason Dudek, the film stars Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Taylor Handley, Margo Harshman, Beverly Mitchell, C.S. Lee, Tiffany Hines, and Ryan Pinkston.

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