R.L. Stine's Fear Street trilogy gets plot rundowns & new director

I've always been a big fan of author R.L. Stine. In elementary school, I was all about his GOOSEBUMPS kid-horror series and then when I hit middle school I was devouring any copies of FEAR STREET I could find. And thus I'm excited as hell about the planned "binge" movie series Fox has in the works based on FEAR STREET. Last we heard on the series of feature films was when Stine himself took to Twitter to say: "Every day, people ask me if there will ever be movies based on the Fear Street books. The answer is yes. THREE Fear Street movies are in the works at Fox."

We already know that HONEYMOON director Leigh Janiak was taking the helm of at least one of the movies. And today we have word via Production Weekly that the series will include three separate movies, and that all three will have a different director behind the lens. Production Weekly also has a quick plot synopsis for the three films listed and you can check those out below.

FEAR STREET Movie #1: 

In 1994, in the aftermath of a brutal tragedy in Shadyside, Ohio, a group of teens discovers that a series of horrifying events that have plagued their town over many years might not be random and that they may be the next victims.

FEAR STREET Movie #2: 

In 1978, Camp Nightwing is divided by the campers and counselors who hail from the of prosperous town of Sunnyvale and the campers and maintenance staffers from the downtrodden town of Shadyside, but when horrors from their towns shared history come alive, they must band together to solve a terrifying mystery before it’s too late.

FEAR STREET Movie #3: 

In 1666, a colonial town is gripped by a hysterical witch-hunt that has deadly consequences for centuries to come, and it’s up to teenagers in 1994 to try and finally put an end to their town’s curse, before it’s too late.

On top of that, as I mentioned above, we already know that Janiak will be helming one of the movies, and today we know who will be directing at least one of the other films. Turns out a director by the name Alex Ross Perry is all set to helm another one of the three films. Perry is a name you might not be familiar with and that's okay as he's known for directing more indie fare such as HER SMELL starring Elizabeth Moss and QUEEN OF EARTH... starring Elizabeth Moss. I wonder who he might get to star in his FEAR STREET movie, huh? I guess we'll see.

Again, I'm really looking forward to checking out all three of these upcoming FEAR STREET movies so I really don't give a damn who's directing them. The three movies could be directed by Michael Bay, Uwe Boll, and Tyler Perry and I'd still give them a chance. How about you? Let us know below!

I'd read it.



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