Fernando Di Leo's Madness being remade by Last House in the Woods director


The late Italian director - and cult favorite - Fernando Di Leo's filmography is about to be updated for a new generation. That is to say, there are three of Di Leo's films being entered into the remake-o-matic (by his fellow countrymen), the first up being MADNESS, his wicked 1980 home invasion thriller starring the incomparable Joe Dallesandro.

MADNESS tells the story of...

violent criminal Joe Brezzi, who breaks out of prison and, having stolen a car and killed two people in the process, makes his way to a remote country cottage. Hidden beneath its flooring are the substantial proceeds from a robbery which Joe took part in several years previously, but before he can retrieve the loot, the owners of the cabin return, changing Joe's plans from a simple break-in to murder.

Gabriele Albanesi, who directed the exploitation thriller THE LAST HOUSE IN THE WOODS - which definitely had shades of Di Leo in it - will helm the remake. He had some interesting things to say about his approach, telling Variety he plans on making it “a bit more violent because Di Leo was a real gentleman. He made Madness tough, but also a little too sugar-coated."

Guess we can expect a nasty bit of business from MADNESS, then. Check out the OG trailer below.


Extra Tidbit: Di Leo is a noted favorite of Quentin Tarantino's. Are you familiar with his filmography?
Source: Variety



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