Film adaptation of Brian Keene's Dark Hollow begins shooting next Spring

I dig the hell out of Brian Keene. Though I haven’t read a lot of his work, what I have sifted through tells me he’s an unflinching horror writer who isn’t afraid to use the medium to explore the best and worst of the human condition. GHOUL, DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN, and TERMINAL also show that the guy approaches the genre with both respect and originality, making his output from book to book wonderfully surprising. It seems Hollywood has taken notice as DARK HOLLOW is being fast-tracked into a Spring 2013 production with Paul Campion (THE DEVIL’S ROCK) attached to direct.

The film was picked up by Raven Banner Entertainment after a Fantasia Film Festival pitch. Actor Shane Rangi (LORD OF THE RINGS) will be playing the villainous satyr Hylinus, who lures small town women to their doom only to face off against a group of men set on stopping him. Special effects big wigs Weta have committed to providing special makeup effects for the creature. Check out the teaser poster and synopsis below for a clearer picture of the horrors DARK HOLLOW has waiting.

On a walk through local woods rumoured to be haunted, writer Adam Shay comes across a strange sight: a statue of a half-man, half-goat creature, a satyr from ancient legends, that comes to life before his eyes. Soon, women in town begin disappearing, summoned to the woods by the satyr’s hypnotic piping. When Adam gathers his friends to hunt down the satyr and save the women, what they uncover is an unholy evil hell-bent on protecting itself and spreading its seed…

Extra Tidbit: Brian Keene's coming-of-age horror novel GHOUL was recently adapted into a film by GIRL NEXT DOOR director Gregory Wilson.



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