Filming wraps on Unfinished Business, starring Lane Hughes

If you're familiar with the works of THE GUEST director Adam Wingard, you should know actor Lane Hughes. He played the main character in and co-wrote Wingard's ghost story/drug trip/relationship drama POP SKULL, was a serial killer groupie in A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, and was one of the animal-masked home invaders in YOU'RE NEXT. Hughes is also one of the stars of director Jay Burleson's UNFINISHED BUSINESS, which just recently wrapped production in Alabama.

Scripted by Jamie Grefe, UNFINISHED BUSINESS stars Kaylin Quinlivan as 

22-year-old Bailey Wallace, who investigates a haunting in her home following the death of her grandmother. As she pieces together the tragic history of her home, she has no choice but to face the ghost head-on, and come to terms with the truth about a past she barely remembers.

Also in the cast are Erin Ownbey, Alpha Trivette, Rebecca Lines, Kevin Wayne, and John Schmedes.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS was a HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE reunion for Hughes and cinematographer Chris Hilleke. The film's special effects were handled by Marcus Koch (100 TEARS), and YOU'RE NEXT composer Jasper Lee will be providing the score.

This sounds like an interesting project to me, and Burleson certainly assembled some strong talent to bring the story to the screen. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. In the meantime, here are some images from the production to ogle.

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