Filmmaking trio Radio Silence will conduct a Family Ritual for Fox

Radio Silence

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, and Chad Villella are a trio of filmmakers who work together under the name Radio Silence. If you've seen the anthology films V/H/S or SOUTHBOUND, you've seen the results of their three-headed efforts: for V/H/S they directed the 10/31/98 segment, and for SOUTHBOUND they handled the bookend segments The Way Out and The Way In. Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett were also the credited directors on the 2014 found footage film DEVIL'S DUE, on which Villella served as executive producer.

The Radio Silence team has now signed on to direct another low-budget horror film, this one called FAMILY RITUAL. Set up at Fox Searchlight, the project is moving forward under a shroud of secrecy, but according to Tracking Board the screenplay written by Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy has been described as being "in the vein of GET OUT".

GET OUT made over $250 million at the global box office, so if a horror movie is going to be "in the vein of" something right now, GET OUT is a good choice.

FAMILY RITUAL is being produced by Tripp Vinson, James Vanderbilt, and Tracey Nyberg. 

There is currently only one credit for the writing team of Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy: they wrote an episode of the IFC horror/comedy television series Stan Against Evil.

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Source: Tracking-Board



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