Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick launches mulit-picture production deal; Superstition: Final Chance to lead off

Jeffrey Reddick may be best known as the creator of the FINAL DESTINATION franchise, but the writer/producer has always been dabbling in our beloved genre outside of that successful franchise, penning the screenplays to 2005's TAMARA and 2008's DAY OF THE DEAD remake along the way. Now Reddick is set to bring us a slate of horror films thanks to a new deal with Global Renaissance Entertainment Group, according to Variety.

Global Renaissance Entertainment Group has entered into a multi-picture production deal with Reddick which will feature multi-ethnic and culturally diverse casts, and will be led off by Reddick’s screenplay SUPERSTITION: FINAL CHANCE a horror/thriller set on a university campus.

The film is being set up as the first in a series of pictures aimed at leveraging Reddick’s fan base from the five FINAL DESTINATION movies. CEO Arthur Wylie and chief operating officer Dale Godboldo will produce with Reddick exec producing. Producers are currently in talks with a director.

Reddick will also work with Global to develop the adaptation of Omar Tyree’s supernatural thriller “Leslie” into a trilogy of pictures that will take its characters beyond the novel’s story.

Tyree's "Leslie" is an urban horror tale about an ambitious New Orleans coed who learns that she is a Haitian voodoo priestess and uses her newfound powers to dispose of her enemies.

More on Reddick's projects as we hear them!


Source: Variety



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