First Blood author David Morrell's horror novel The Totem being adapted

David Morrell, the man who created John Rambo with his novel FIRST BLOOD, has signed a deal with Nashville-based Bloody Moon Films for movie rights to the 1979 novel THE TOTEM, which has crazed kiddies and savage animals within its pages. Read on!

Here's the synopsis: When police chief Nathan Slaughter settles in the tiny mountain community of Potter’s Field, Wyoming, his most fervent prayer is that he has left behind him forever the nightmare he barely survived on a blizzardy night in Detroit. But nothing prepares him for the greater sanity-threatening nightmare he is about to confront. Beginning with the discovery of mutilated cattle on outlying ranches, Slaughter is drawn deeper and deeper into a vortex of terror as animals become savage and children go insane, trapping the entire town in a frenzy of violence. As Slaughter races against time to expose the horrifying secret behind the increasingly savage attacks, he also struggles to overcome his deepest fears.

Bloody Moon Films founder Ben Dixon will direct the film, which carries a $3 million budget and gets underway in the spring.

"We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Mr. Morrell and his team on production of The Totem," states Ben. "I also have my father to thank as well. Several years ago my ailing dad handed me a copy of the book, saying it was a true horror novel and I had to read it. Time passed, but last August fate was staring me in the face. The book was sitting on a shelf by itself, and I grabbed it for a road trip and finished it in no time. Three months later I had a 170 page draft in place."

For his part, Morrell seems down: "Given its eerie subject, I look forward to the scares that aptly named Bloody Moon Films has in store for audiences."

Extra Tidbit: Have you read THE TOTEM, FIRST BLOOD or any other of Morrell's works?



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