First clip from Kane Hodder documentary features Robert Englund and more

A week or so ago we let you guys know that there was a documentary on its way centering around THE Jason Voorhees, and all-around genre legend Kane Hodder. The flick is called TO HELL AND BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY and today we have an all-new clip to share.

The following clip features the like of SLEEPAWAY CAMP's Felissa Rose, Ted White (Jason from FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER) and Sean S. Cunningham.  

Cooler still is a bit where Robert Englund talks about the horror genre in general and it getting the respect it deserves - which is cool and all, but let's hope Robert England talks about, you know, Kane Hodder in the actual flick.

You can check out the clip below and then shoot over to social media and let us know what you think of Mr. Kane Hodder on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

TO HELL AND BACK: THE STORY OF KANE HODDER will be making the festival run throughout the year and we will let you know when it gets an official release date.

Check out the film’s website at KaneHodderMovie.com

Extra Tidbit: What has been your favorite Kane Hodder cameo?
Source: AITH



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