First details and trailer for Stephen Shimek's horror flick The Maze

Labyrinthine horror is always a treat, and it looks like that's exactly what we'll be getting in Stephen Shimek's new horror flick THE MAZE. While official plot details are hard to come by at this juncture, we do have a pretty amusing poster (right) and trailer (below) to give us an inkling as to what the joint will offer. Check it...

Written by Katy Baldwin, starring Shalaina Fotheringham and Brandon Pearson - THE MAZE is said to be a tale inspired by true events, in which a group of young twenty somethings happen upon the largest cornfield in the country, one that takes hours to navigate. After the couples decide to split up, some kind of murderous midget (I wish, but really just a youngen) goes on a kill crazy rampage. Consider this Slasher Children of the Corn!

Not much else is known about THE MAZE, save for the fact its produced by Kristi Shimek for Artist View Entertainment Inc.

Stay tuned for more!

Lauren Holly (above) starred in Artis View's YOU'RE SO CUPID!

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of mazes: CUBE or LABYRINTH?



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