First images from end-time thriller The Remaining, starring Alexa Vega

I've always dug the end-of-the-world, book of Revelations-type of films (well, except for those LEFT BEHIND flicks - Kirk Cameron just ruined 'em for me). There's just something creepy about the biblical accounts of the end of days and it seems to be good material for films to tap to really get viewers on edge. One end-of-times flick that just wrapped photography and will be soon heading our way is the Alexa Vega-starring THE REMAINING, and today we have the first couple of images from the flick to share with ya!

THE REMAINING is an action-packed horror thriller about a group of close-knit friends that come together to celebrate the marriage of Skylar (Vega) and Dan (Dechart). The group is enjoying the festivities when tragedy strikes. The wedding party is besieged by a series of catastrophic events which turns the celebration into a life-and-death struggle. The young group is desperately scrambling for refuge and self-preservation while an enemy they never knew existed unleashes its wrath against those remaining alive. They must understand what is happening around them and why and find a way to survive together in a new world of death and destruction.

The horror thriller, based on biblical accounts of the end times, is written and directed by Casey La Scala and stars Alexa Vega (the SPY KIDS films), Shaun Sipos (TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D), Johnny Pacar (FLIGHT 29 DOWN), Italia Ricci (“Terminales”), Bryan Dechart (STEP UP 3D) and newcomer Liz E. Morgan. THE REMAINING is produced by Brad Luff (URBAN LEGEND), Marc Bienstock (QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL) and La Scala.

Of the film, director Casey La Scala said...

I wanted to create a story that captures the imagination of the mainstream and faith based community. THE REMAINING captures both by centering around finding faith and redemption during the extreme and horrific circumstances surrounding the biblical accounts of the end times”.

Sounds good to me! Let's just hope they deliver a dark and unsettling vision of the material.

THE REMAINING is scheduled for a 2014 release.

Can we have at least one scene with Vega dressing in something like her duds from MACHETE KILLS? Please??

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite end times film?



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