First images from indie horror Decay

Here at AITH, we enjoy a solid indie film as much as the bigger-budgeted Hollywood fare, so when we hear word of a film coming our way that sounds like it might be a cut above other independent genre offerings, we have to share it. Today we have a handful of stills to share with you from a new flick from Colorado-based Ghost Orchid Films titled DECAY, which you can check out above and below.

Directed by Joey Wartnerchaney, DECAY stars Rob Zabrecky (Room 401, Brothers & Sisters), Lisa Howard (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn), Elisha Yaffe (The New Normal, “Southland”), Jackie Hoffman (Garden State, Robots, Kissing Jessica Stein), and Hannah Barron.

Based on a true Midwest horror story, Decay tells the tale of Jonathan, a middle-aged groundskeeper at a theme park with a terrible case of OCD. Jonathan comes home to find an unexpected guest in his basement (Katlyn), and through a jarring turn of events, she ends up dead. Scarred from an abusive childhood and inherited distrust of the police, Jonathan chooses not to report the death and instead invites the girl to dinner. With his new companion, Jonathan has never been happier, until the girl, and his mind, begin to decay.

DECAY is currently in post-production so hopefully we'll be seeing a trailer and hearing more about this film soon.

Extra Tidbit: Does DECAY sound like it has potential to deliver the goods?



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