First images from Marcus Dunstan's The Neighbor come knocking

The Neighbor Josh Stewart Marcus Dunstan

Genre regulars Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have a new thriller coming our way called THE NEIGHBOR. We haven't heard much about this project since reporting that filming had wrapped back in January, but now its first batch of stills and promotional art have arrived online. The images can be seen above and below, and they certainly look intriguing.

Directed by Dunstan, who previously took the helm of THE COLLECTOR and THE COLLECTION, from a screenplay he wrote with Melton, THE NEIGHBOR is set in Cutter, Mississippi, where 

most people keep to themselves. But when John comes home to find his girlfriend missing, he sneaks into his neighbor's house, finding his girlfriend and several other kidnapped people tied up in the basement. When the neighbor come home, John is forced to get out of the house alive and lead the group to safety.

COLLECTOR/COLLECTION star Josh Stewart re-teamed with Dunstan and Melton to take the lead in this film as well, his co-stars including Alex Essoe, Melissa Bolona, Bill Engvall, Ronnie Blevins, Luke Edwards, and Jaqueline Fleming.

We're still waiting to hear information on a release for THE NEIGHBOR, but we'll let you know as soon as plans are announced.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to THE NEIGHBOR?
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