First look at Bo Mikkelsen's thriller What We Become

What We Become

Danish writer-director Bo Mikkelsen’s WHAT WE BECOME is quietly sneaking up on us as the pandemic thriller recently dropped some new stills featuring a look at what Mikkelsen has in store. While any solid details on this one are still being held tightly, these images offer a glance at the claustrophobic film about a neighborhood isolated from the world when a violent strand of flu starts killing people. Check 'em out!

Here’s what you need to know:

The Johansson family's idyllic summer is brought to an abrupt halt as deaths stack up from a virulent strand of the flu. The authorities start off by cordoning-off the neighborhood, but soon panic and force the inhabitants into quarantine in their hermetically-sealed houses. Isolated from the rest of the world, teen Gustav spies out and realizes that the situation is getting out of control. He breaks out, but soon the family of four comes under attack from the riotous, blood-thirsty mob who forces them to the extreme to escape alive.

WHAT WE BECOME stars Mille Dinesen, Mikael Birkkjær and Troels Lyby.

What We Become What We Become What We Become What We Become

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