First look at Dementia, starring Kristina Klebe & Gene Jones

This morning we have your first look at the upcoming psychological horror film DEMENTIA, which comes at us from director Mike Testin, who was the cinematographer on last years indie surprise CONTRACTED. Billed as a cross between MISERY and WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE, the film stars THE SACRAMENT's Gene Jones and PROXY actress Kristina Klebe alongside Peter Cilella (RESOLUTION), Richard Riehle (TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D), Marc Senter (RED, WHITE, AND BLUE), Graham Skipper (ALMOST HUMAN) as well as Molly McQueen, Tony Denison, and newcomer Hassie Harrison.

Diagnosed with dementia, war veteran George Lockhart (Jones) must deal with his estranged family. 

Son Jerry (Cilella) and granddaughter Shelby (Harrison) force him to hire a live-in nurse (Klebe),  only to find she harbors a sinister secret.

The film is produced by J.D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules, producers of CONTRACTED, who share...

Our goal with Dementia was to create a new, unique experience in psychological dread and terror, having more in common with films like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane or Repulsion than the latest ghost/found footage/torture movie. A horror film with real characters, drama, and tension, with scares coming from suspense and atmosphere, rather than jump scares and general gratuity. If Contracted made people afraid of being intimate with strangers, Dementia will make them afraid to trust people altogether.”

Above and below you'll find the first pics from DEMENTIA, which sounds like it could be the kind of film that gets under your skin and stays there long after viewing. In other words, my kinda flick! Hopefully we'll be seeing more from this one soon.

Extra Tidbit: DEMENTIA boasts an impressive cast. How is the flick sounding to you?



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