First look at Joe Dante's Burying the Ex

That sure as shit didn't take very long. It was only a month ago when we learned that both Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene had signed on for Joe Dante's (above) BURYING THE EX, and now we get to see them in action with the film's first still! Unfortunately, it's the most unexciting picture ever—unless you're really into Yelchin's dirt stache, in which case, this could be the best thing you'll see today. Beyond that we also have a look at the first art for the flick, which is actually pretty cool. It's nice to see Dante jumping behind the camera again for what sounds like a film that's right in his wheelhouse. Here's what it's about:

Max (Yelchin) and Evelyn (Greene) as their relationship takes a nose dive once they move in together. Max discovers how controlling and manipulative Evelyn is but he’s too scared to break up with her. When fate steps in and Evelyn dies in a freak accident, newly-single Max prepares to move on with Olivia (Daddario). His romantic life becomes complicated when Evelyn rises from the grave and sets out to get her boyfriend back, even if that means turning him into one of the undead.

EW recently caught up with Dante who talked about the horror-comedy genre. “When I was a kid, zombie movies were pretty much the lowest rung. People didn’t take them very seriously, and they were very cheap to produce,” Dante said. “The appeal of genre is that people want to see the same things over again, but they want to get them in a new package. It’s the packing that makes it work. The mainstream genres of westerns, war pictures, and comedies have taken a backseat to this once reviled supernatural.”  He's right about that. There's always a new way to tell an old story, and it all comes down to the filmmakers giving us a fresh look at something we've seen dozens of times, so hopefully Dante delivers on that note with BURYING THE EX.

Alexandra Daddario and Oliver Cooper also star, now take a peek at the first still and art below!

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Dante film?
Source: EW



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