First look! The Siege starring Paul Allica & John Fallon! Now filming!

One film you're going to want to go ahead and mark your calendars for right now is THE SIEGE. The film is produced by (alongside Shaun McFadyen) and stars rising action star Paul Allica (Journey to China 3D, Tapado: Fight for Justice). Our main man John Fallon (SAW 2, Dead Shadows) is also producing (via his company Bruise Productions) and co-stars. Today we have your first look at the film by way of its first official still (above), including a BTS one of John as The Sergeant (below)!

The medieval action film is currently shooting and being touted as "Robin Hood: Re-Invented!". The film "takes the legend of Robin Hood in a new exciting direction; mixing adventure, high impact stunts, action, gore, comedy and even a touch of romance."

Sounds like good times to me! More interesting still is the fact that the production is using the Hong Kong format when it comes to the directing of the picture. Meaning stunt coordinator, Jackie Chan stunt team member, and now action director Paul Andreovski (RUSH HOUR 2) is handling the visceral action sequences, while Stu Stanton (CHARLIE BONNET) is streamlining the dramatic scenes. 

For cool behind the scenes pics of the filming, you can check out John's production diary HERE. THE SIEGE synopsis: 

It’s a time of chaos and tyranny. The once great country of England is splintering as its people struggle to pay for the Crusades. With the King away, the country is on the verge of revolution. The people need a hero. And one shall rise and fight to restore honor to his people. When his mother and sister are brutally murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham, a young man named Robin Hood vows bloody revenge on the men responsible. But this is not a war he can win alone. Robin gathers a team of outcasts and mavericks, each of whom brings a unique & extreme fighting skill to the table. Together, they gradually tear down the Sheriff’s corrupt organization, with their most daring assault being a siege on his fortified castle.    

THE SIEGE also stars Dave Beamish (Charlie's Farm), Kahli Williams (Blood Hunt), David Macrae (A Night of Horror Volume 1), Peter Roordink (Elimination Game), Tom McCathie (Mutt) and dancer Keanu Gonzalez (Cats the Musical).

THE SIEGE is currently shooting and will wrap production early next year. For more info and updates, follow the film on Facebook HERE

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of The Seige thus far?
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