First news and stills from sci-fi thriller Shadows on the Wall

Here on AITH we are big fans of the indie scene as it certainly seems that in this day and age if you want true originality you're not going to find it in the same ol' recycled ideas that a lot of bigger-budgeted studio fare puts out. You have to look at the independent films for innovative creativeness and unconventional ideas. So when we hear news of a film that seems to 'step outside of the box' we like to share it with you, regardless of budget. Today we received news from producer Anderson Ellis of a cool sounding independent sci-fi thriller that is shooting in Western North Carolina called SHADOWS ON THE WALL, and we have a handful of stills to share with you from the production.

Written and directed by Ben Carland, SHADOWS ON THE WALL revolves around a socially-awkward college student who builds a machine which allows for examination of space like never before. Unbeknownst to him, the machine also allows extraterrestrial life to communicate with Earth, a detail which concerns the government greatly. What ensues is a high-tension story about creativity, commitment, and belief in yourself in the face of terrifying consequences.

SHADOWS ON THE WALL stars Chris Kauffman, Nicole Durant and Tim Fox. The film is still in production in North Carolina.

Extra Tidbit: Does SHADOWS ON THE WALL sound like a flick worth keeping an eye on?



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