First shots from genre anthology Paris, I'll Kill You sport psycho mimes!

Last month we finally got a look at the full directors list for that upcoming genre anthology PARIS, I'LL KILL YOU and now here I am with your first look at the film!

Courtesy of the flick's Facebook page we've got a look at half a dozen stills from the film and a brand new one-sheet, all of which feature some twisted looking mimes! I especially like how their weapons are invisible in the poster. Now that's some fine mime-work! Just scroll away above and below to get a look at the goods for yourself.

Darkness has descended on the city of Romance, and Death is coming for you in the most glorious way imaginable...

According to one of the shots below these stills come from a segment called "Dawn of the Mimes" which comes from director Moritz Mohr.

Along with Mohr PARIS, I'LL KILL YOU features the talents of David R. Ellis, Xavier Gens, Joe Dante, Christian Alvart, Christopher Smith, Paco Plaza, Timo Vuorensola, Eron Sheean, Jorn Heitmann and the duo of Bjorn Stein and Mans Marlind.

More on PARIS, I'LL KILL YOU should be spilling our way soon and when it does you can bet we'll be right here to tell you about it.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite mime moment in film?
Source: Facebook



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