First still from Bone Tomahawk featuring Kurt Russell

The first image from S. Craig Zahler’s debut BONE TOMAHAWK has arrived, featuring the always badass Kurt Russell. Russell takes the lead in this one as a sheriff who attempts to rescue some unlucky folks from the deathly grips of a band of cannibalistic troglodytes. This is going to be f*cking awesome. The film is expected to land in theaters sometime late next year.

In BONE TOMAHAWK, four men attempt to rescue a group of captives from a band of cannibalistic troglodytes that live beyond the edge of civilization.

BONE TOMAHAWK follows an outlaw who unknowingly leads a band of cannibalistic Troglodytes into the peaceful western town of Bright Hope. When the monsters kidnap several settlers, including a rancher’s wife, a small rescue party consisting of the injured rancher, the sheriff, his aging deputy and a strong-willed gunslinger, journey into hell to try and rescue them. They soon find themselves in dark unknown territories where savage inbreeds armed with the ultimate weapon leave no hope of survival.

Rounding out the cast is Richard Jenkins, Patrick Wilson, David Arquette, Lili Simmons, Sean Young, Geno Segers, Fred Melamed, James Tolkan, Raw Leiba, Jamie Hector, Jamison Newlander, Zahn McClarnon, David Midthunder, Jay Tavare, Gray Wolf Herrara, Robert Mukes, and Brandon Molale.

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Source: EW



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