First still from the Eli Roth-starring Aftershock offers up an ax & plenty of blood

The last update we got on Nicolas Lopez's Chilean earthquake flick AFTERSHOCK came back in February when we got a look at a couple stills from the flick. Now both shots featured a blood-soaked Eli Roth so I'm sure you remember them.

Today we've actually got a look at another brand new still from the flick to celebrate it's Toronto International Film Festival entry. While this newest shot lacks Mr. Roth we are treated to some bloody ax-wielding action! Go ahead and scroll directly below to tap that shite for yourself. Here's a quote from Roth describing the flick:

“It is basically set in the aftermath of the Chilean earthquake. That (the idea) came from him (Lopez) describing to me what the hours were like immediately following the earthquake. Everybody is on Facebook, everybody is on Twitter, everything is hi-tech. Then, within seconds, it’s like the Stone Age. There’s no electricity, no phones. There are fires. Criminals are out of the prisons and there are no police. You don’t know what the hell is going on.”

Along with Roth (above) AFTERSHOCK also stars Ariel Levy, Nicolas Martinez, Lorena Izzo, Natasha Yarovenko, Andrea Osvart and Miguel Asensio. Not to mention a cameo by Selena Gomez (below).

Hopefully more goods from AFTERSHOCK spill our way as we near it's world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, which runs from September 6-16.

Extra Tidbit: Let's not forget that Eli Roth also had a role in PIRANHA as that annoying host.



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