Five friends get stranded at the No Tell Motel, bad things happen

According to sales company Cinema Management Group, the supernatural thriller NO TELL MOTEL is a "compelling story of isolation, desperation, and the darkest kind of redemption."

Mostly, it sounds like every other "stranded at a creepy motel" movie ever made, but hey, maybe there is some redemption to be had...

Directed by Brett Donowho (SILVER FALLS), NO TELL MOTEL goes like this: The old Horak place, an abandoned roadside motel tucked away in the woods just off Route H, is the stuff of local legend. The place where little Angela Horak got run down in the middle of the road. Of course, that was nothing compared to what happened to her parents afterwards. It’s not exactly the ideal place to get stranded. But that’s exactly what happens to adorable Megan Walsh and her four teenage friends when their RV gives up the ghost. With no other options, the group reluctantly decides to hole up for the night in the crumbling motel’s mysteriously organized Room Six. It isn’t long though, before Megan and her friends discover they’re not alone…

Well, if that's not a tried and true plot synopsis for a scary movie, I don't know what is.

NO TELL MOTEL stars Angel McCord, Johnny Hawkes, Chalie Howes, Andrew MacFarlane, Chelsey Reist and James Tyce. It's currently in post-production; hopefully we'll learn more soon.

Extra Tidbit: NO TELL MOTEL hottie Angel McCord (pictured above, left) is the sister of "90210" hottie Annalynne McCord (right).
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