Five Horror Movies to Stream On Netflix This Christmas

Five Horror Movies to Stream On Netflix This Christmas

Let's just get this out of the way right off the top. Sure this list should have been "Five Christmas Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix". But take a look through the streaming service's horror collection and you will see their Christmas Horror movie selection is extremely lacking. Too bad. That said, I went through their catalogue and found five flicks that will no doubt be a joy to watch this holiday season.



5. A Christmas Horror Story

Okay full disclosure. I have not seen A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY. Wait, so how can I recommend it? First reread my spiel above: There are hardly any Christmas horror movies on Netflix. Sad but true. And this movie is Christmas as sh*t. So there we go. On top of that, the film is an anthology (which I love year 'round) and boasts William Shatner as a radio DJ for it's wrap around. Sounds like good times to me! I'll be putting this off and then giving it a watch come X-Mas time for sure. How about you?


4. Jaws: The Revenge

Ha. Bet you didn't remember that JAWS: THE REVENGE was set at Christmas, did you? Well, of course, you did. But I'm sure all of your buddies have forgotten, so make sure to impress them with pulling this flick out during the holidays. That said, don't expect to, you know, actually watch the film. At least not the whole thing. Trust me, it's as awful as you remember. That said, the film's opening moments are filled with Christmas cheer mixed with a (relatively) cruel death within the famous fish franchise.


3. Cult of Chucky

Okay so CULT OF CHUCKY might not be a Christmas movie. Sure, you got me there. But that out of the way, the film takes place in a snowy wonderland of madness and is a perfect film to view during the X-Mas break. Just play some Christmas music over the scene where Chucky breaks the glass ceiling down on the girl drugged to the operating table and enjoy. It is glorious and gorgeous. Why this film wasn't just set on Christmas we'll never know. Unless Don Mancini is saving the holiday for another sequel... 


2. Holidays

Speaking of the holidays, what better way to spend a Christmas evening than throwing on the horror anthology HOLIDAYS? Specifically you should, of course, make sure to check out writer-director Scott Stewart's entry starring Seth Green. I'm not going to go into the plot of the segment, because it's a short and that would give away the fun, but I will say that it involves virtual gaming, strippers, and a killer ending. Watch it with someone you love. The other entries are pretty solid too. Especially "Father's Day."

1. Gremlins

Hallelujah! While Netflix might not have the best selection of Christmas horror movies, they were at least smart enough to secure what is arguably the best Chrismas horror movie: Joe Dante's GREMLINS! Now I know you've seen this film one-hundred times (at the very least) but who were you kidding, it's not like you planned to spend the X-Mas break NOT watching GREMLINS. That would just be a waste of the time off. Also, watch DIE HARD. That is all.


What films do you plan on watching this Christmas? What are your top 5 go-to movies? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, watch DIE HARD this Christmas. It's a must.
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