Fort Knox houses something terrifying in spec script Knox

Fort Knox

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, best known for his involvement with the TRANSFORMERS franchise, is attached to produce a sci-fi horror thriller project titled KNOX, based on a spec script written by Joe Gazzam. Paradigm's David Boxerbaum is currently shopping the script around to studios.

Said to be "pitch-black in tone", the script is about 

a group of thieves who target Fort Knox, though they soon learn that it was never built to keep people from getting in… it was built to keep something from getting out.

There was some kind of monster or supernatural force lurking in that place when James Bond was running around in there in GOLDFINGER? I wish he would have been the one to fight it, but he was too busy dealing with an atomic bomb.

Di Bonaventura is currently helping guide the "Jason Statham vs. a giant shark" film THE MEG (yes, they added "the" to the title) toward its August 2018 release.

Gazzam has a lot of projects in the works - an action film called SHADOW RUN, a supernatural action project called ANUBIS, the graphic novel adaptation CRYPTOZOO, an "untitled Hawaiian family adventure", and he has worked on screenplays for remakes of BARBARELLA and CLIFFHANGER. He also did uncredited work on 21 JUMP STREET.

We'll let you know if and when KNOX finds a studio to call home.

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