Found director Scott Schirmer is bringing The Bad Man to life

The Bad Man

About two and a half years ago, I shared the news that FOUND director Scott Schirmer was working on a new project called THE BAD MAN, which would center on 

a young couple, Mary and PJ, who are kidnapped in their own home by a suicidal clown who plans to sell them as sex objects -- a doll and a dog -- to a cult of wealthy deviants. Before they can be sold, their spirits must be broken. Mary holds onto her humanity through trial after trial, desperately looking for a way to escape her torment and rescue PJ from his own madness. The film is about human dignity and the terrifying loss of it, as well as the valor of reclaiming it.

Due to some funding issues, it took a while for the film to get into production, but now THE BAD MAN is finally being brought to life.

Production began in January, with two-thirds of the film having been shot on location in Columbiaville, Michigan. The cast and crew will reconvene to complete principal photography in April or May. The finished film is expected to be released sometime this summer or fall, and Schirmer plans to start accepting pre-orders soon.

The cast of THE BAD MAN includes Ellie Church, Arthur Cullipher, Jason Crowe, Dave Parker, Brian Papandrea, and David Hancock.

I'm glad to see that Schirmer has had the chance to make THE BAD MAN to happen, even if it is a couple years later than expected. Given the looks of the characters in the images Schirmer has shared (and the fact that FOUND still disturbs me years after I watched it), I have a feeling this one is going to be quite troubling.

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