Fox to adapt Russian horror series Through My Eyes

For their newest horror series, Fox is turning to an unlikely source: Russia. With J. H. Wyman (Fringe) and Lawrence Bender (longtime Tarantino producer) producing, they are set to launch an adaptation of the Russian horror thriller Through My Eyes.

Through My Eyes, based on the format of the same name, is described as a horror-thriller in which the story unfolds RASHOMON-style through the direct point of view of a different character in each episode. 

The story centers on the events of a secret lab in which scientists were attempting to achieve immortality by building a special machine that can extract the soul and its energy and relocate it to another person. 

So, basically it's an evil version of BBC's Peep Show. It seems like the POV will follow the soul wherever it goes, but who knows? I, like I assume many of you, have not had the opportunity to see the original series. My Russian TV knowledge is inexcusably murky. It seems like an interesting way to bring the low-cost found footage genre to TV, which hasn't really been attempted since Oren Peli's totally ignored series The River.

The show originally aired in 2013, and original producer Zaur Bolatev will be returning as EP. Check out the original Russian trailer below!


J. H. Wyman
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