Frances Fisher joins the cast of ABC's The Returned

ABC hasn't had much success with genre fare but that doesn't stop the network from trying again. Back in December we shared the news that the network was working towards bringing a new zombie-themed program to air titled "The Returned" and today we have the first bit o' casting news from the pilot to share with ya.

Frances Fisher, who may be best known for her work on James Cameron's TITANIC and her role as Strawberry Alice in Clint Eastwood's classic western UNFORGIVEN, has just joined the cast of "The Returned", according to Deadline.

While "The Returned" will deal with zombies, they aren't the flesh-chewing kind. The show will be about...

The dead return to change the lives of those they left behind in a small Midwestern town.

Fisher will play Lucille, a woman who lives with her husband Harold in the town of Arcadia and is amazed when her eight year old son, Jacob, who drowned 32 years ago, somehow reappears in 2013.

Aaron Zelman, who worked on AMC's "The Killing," will serve as executive producer on the series, as well as write for it. Plan B, the production company formed by Brad Pitt (who is tangling with zombies of his own in WORLD WAR Z), will produce.

While we may not get the gore 'n guts we see week in and week out on THE WALKING DEAD, we can only hope that "The Returned" offers something worthwhile for genre fans to chew into. We'll keep you posted on further casting news as it comes our way.

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Source: Deadline



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