Frankenweenie's six new posters will please retro horror fans

FRANKENWEENIE is in a weird place among horror fans. On the one hand, many of us feel Tim Burton has worn out his quirky welcome with DARK SHADOWS, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, etc. On the other hand, his Universal horror homage FRANKENWEENIE has gotten some fantastic praise from critics (including from our own Chris Bumbray). Couple that buzz with this new set of retro, 50s-style posters for the film (see below) and I admit my interest is piqued.

Regardless of your feelings on Burton, these posters are nothing less than charming. We have homages to GODZILLA/GAMERA, William Castle, Universal, AIP and Hammer horror. Not only that, but one-sheets marry Burton's aesthetic obsessions-- the cute and ghoulish-- perfectly.

While I'm not rushing out to get one of these off Ebay, I could easily see myself throwing the CURSE OF THE MUMMY HAMSTER one sheet up on my kid's wall before October 31st. Really, if that was a movie in and of itself I would be down for it. What say you, Schmoes-- is FRANKENWEENIE appealing to your horrific sense of nostalgia? Check out the posters below and talk back with your thoughts.

Extra Tidbit: Frankenweenie hits theaters October 5th (um, this Friday).
Source: Walt Disney



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