Freakish season 2 promo announces new cast including Jake Busey

The Hulu series FREAKISH is a show that intrigues me. I have yet to hear one person recommend the series to me - or even mention it around me - but still, having a subscription to Hulu, it's something I see in passing all the time and have thought once or twice about giving it a shot.

Should I? I mean the pitch is simple enough, THE WALKING DEAD meets THE BREAKFAST CLUB, but I'm still more than a little on the fence about it. 

Anyhow, turns out someone must have enjoyed the series because the second season is now in production. The video promo below basically just lets us know who is starring in the upcoming second season. Supposedly a lot, if not all, of these peeps are celebs, but I have not a clue who any of them are. Except for Jake Busey. I know his ass.

Check out the promo for FREAKISH season 2 below and then let us know if FREAKISH is something we should be watching on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

FREAKISH synopsis:

The series follows a group of students who gather for school detention on a Saturday at Kent High. Other students are on campus as well, but involved in various activities (basketball, debate prep, music, etc.). When a nearby chemical plant explodes, they must work together to find a way to survive with only limited resources and protect themselves from those who have turned into freakish zombie-like creatures as a result of the fallout.

Season 1 of Freakish is currently streaming on Hulu RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Freakish was produced by AwesomenessTV. Hulu acquired streaming rights during production.
Source: JoBlo YouTube



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