Freddy vs. Jason & Friday the 13th scribes set up new horror pic at Paramount

So which flick do you dig more...FREDDY VS. JASON or the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake?

As you ponder that one, I'll have you know the writers of such flicks - Damian Shannon and Mark Swift - are developing a new horror flick at Paramount, with Mary Parent of Disruption Entertainment producing. No title or details have been given, save for the flick will involve a high-school setting in some way, shape or form. Swift and Shannon will now write the script, with a deal to make their directorial debut from it.

With such little info to go by at this time, it's hard to tell what angle the duo will take on the high-school horror film. Surely they won't emulate SCREAM, will they? Never know, these dudes did jump onboard to a tired franchise in their 11th and 12th entry. Considering they've worked on adaptations of a pair of comics, "Hawaiian Dicks" and "Power and Glory," originality may not be their strong suit. Just saying!

FRIDAY THE 13TH stars Willa Ford and Julianna Guill!

Extra Tidbit: Favorite high-school set horror movie?
Source: THR



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