Freestyle Digital Media opens Nicholas Smith's Munger Road this September

MUNGER ROAD, Nicholas Smith's suspense-thriller is a joint we haven't heard much about since September of last year. Thankfully we now know when we'll be able to see this sucker...

Word has come down that Freestyle Digital Media has scooped the rights to MUNGER ROAD, tagging the flick with a September 11th release date...hitting DVD, Digital Download and Video On-Demand all on the same day. An ominous date for an ominous film!

Starring Brooke Peoples (below), Hallock Beals, Lauren Storm and the great Bruce Davison:

MUNGER ROAD takes place in a sleepy Midwestern town on a night when a group of teens explore the famed ‘Munger Road’ – a spot where a horrific tragedy occurred years earlier. Something terrible happens to the group, forcing the local police to acknowledge there is a returning killer lurking in the area as thousands of people converge on the town for the annual Scarecrow Festival.

9/11, remember it!

Extra Tidbit: A road worth traveling?
Source: AITH



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