French trailer for Goal of the Dead

About a week ago we finally got new word on the upcoming comedy-horror zombie flick GOAL OF THE DEAD, which landed worldwide sales through Films Distribution. Unfortunately, we still have no idea when GOAL OF THE DEAD will be available in the States so we'll keep you folks posted on that once we get it. As far as the trailer goes, this one actually looks like a lot of fun. It's pretty easy to write off a zombie film called GOAL OF THE DEAD in which a soccer team battles hordes of the living dead, but I think the trailer will turn a few heads.

Even though the entire thing is in French (with no subtitles) it's easy to see what kind of tone the filmmakers were going for—and I think you guys will be surprised. It looks extremely well shot with some pretty wicked zombie FX, so for now this one has me sold. What about you?

The two-part film centers around a French Olympic football team who visits a small village in Northern France to play a crucial game in the run-up to the World Cup. But as the Apocalypse looms, an epidemic quickly spreads and transforms the players, spectators and inhabitants into strange and enraged creatures.

GOAL OF THE DEAD was directed by Thierry Poiraud and THE HORDE helmer Benjamin Rocher.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of the trailer for GOAL OF THE DEAD? Better than you expected?



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