French zombie film The Night Eats the World gets U.S. summer release

The Night Eats the World Dominique Rocher

Director Dominique Rocher's French zombie thriller THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD recently made its North American premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, and while it still has one more screening to go at that festival this Friday, Blue Fox Entertainment has acquired the North American rights to the film and are planning to give it a theatrical release in the U.S. this summer.

Rocher shot the film in both French and English. The version screening at Tribeca is French version with English subtitles. Blue Fox will be releasing the English-language version.

Based on a novel by Pit Agarmen, THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD was written by Rocher, Jérémie Guez, and Guillaume Lemans. The film stars Anders Danielsen Lie, Denis Lavant, and Golshifteh Farahani.

The synopsis, courtesy of the Tribeca website: 

One night, Sam attends a raucous apartment party in Paris. But, pressured to show up against his will and not feeling festive, the dejected Sam heads to a private room and falls asleep. The next morning, everything has changed: The walls are stained with blood, there isn’t a living soul in sight, and the dead have taken over the streets. Barricading himself inside, he hunkers down for safety, anticipating a long haul. As the undead congregate outside, Sam passes the lonely months by entertaining himself however possible. But there’s only so long he can hold on to his sanity — and he may not be truly alone.

It's tough to get excited for new zombie projects since I watch The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead weekly for a good chunk of the year, but THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD looks like one that would be worth checking out. It would be interesting to see both the French and English versions to see if/how it plays differently in different languages.

A French trailer for the film is included below.

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