Friday the 13th alums dig into The Bone Garden

Camp Motion Pictures has set a February 2, 2016 DVD and digital HD release for writer/director Mike Gutridge's THE BONE GARDEN, which stars FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III's Tracie Savage as a character named after the heroine from the original FRIDAY THE 13TH.

The film tells 

the twisted tale of one Alice Hardy, an attractive middle aged woman who has it all: a successful husband, a beautiful Victorian house, and a best friend named Laurie, a hot-ticket divorcee with whom Alice shares many crazy adventures.

Alice is a bit of an eccentric, spending time tending her garden and cornfield near the lovely home she shares with hubby Norman, an esteemed history professor at the local college. But beneath this seemingly idyllic lifestyle lies a sense of sadness, as Alice suspects Norman of cheating on her with numerous college coeds.

New neighbors move into the house next door, and they are always fighting. Police show up and ask Alice about a missing college coed! What to do? Students, townies, and hunks begin disappearing at an alarming rate. Why is this sleepy little college town going crazy? Authorities launch a no holds barred investigation complete with detectives, local police, and crime dogs. A body is found in the nearby lake. Do Alice, Laurie and Norman, know more than they are letting on?

Gutridge grabs his audience by the throat and doesn’t let go, taking them for a non stop thrill ride of plot twists and turns, with horrific and surprising results beyond bloody imagination!

Savage's FRIDAY co-star Paul Kratka plays her character's husband, with their supporting cast including Ron Millkie of the original FRIDAY THE 13TH as Officer Meeker (HALLOWEEN 4 and 5 reference there), George Stover, Tammy Kaitz, and CHAINSAW SALLY herself April Monique Burril.

Gutridge is clearly a fan of awesome slasher movies, but how has his own film turned out? The trailer below doesn't provide a whole lot to go on, just images of some questionable (and questioning) people and a bunch of bad news. While the low budget is quite evident, this one definitely has my interest, largely because it's going to be fun for me to see the FRIDAY THE 13TH stars interacting more than thirty years after their brushes with the Voorhees family.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching THE BONE GARDEN?



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