Friday the 13th Part 3: The Memoriam Documentary gets a teaser

Friday the 13th Part III Richard Brooker

Although it was JASON LIVES: FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI that introduced me to the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise and started my interest in horror, my favorite F13 film is actually FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III, largely because it features what I feel is the perfect version of Jason Voorhees. PART III is the movie in which Jason gets his hockey mask, which he dons just in time for the best climactic chase in the entire series. 

Jason looks awesome in that movie, and he's brought to life with an incredible performance by Richard Brooker. With various implements of destruction in hand, Jason stalks a group of people who were unfortunate enough to stray into his territory - the setting this time being a lake-side vacation cabin called Higgins Haven.

Sadly, Brooker passed away in recent years, and the Higgins Haven location is no more. It was the loss of Brooker and the cabin that inspired director Kevin R. Phipps to put together a documentary that focuses on this specific entry in the F13 franchise, a documentary titled FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3: THE MEMORIAM DOCUMENTARY

In April 2013, the Friday the 13th family suddenly lost Mr. Richard Brooker. Portraying Jason in Friday the 13th part 3, he was the first individual to don the now iconic hockey mask. Richard was a terrific human being & a friend to all. 

In addition, the Higgins Haven cabin used in the film burned down by some careless vagrants in 2006. These two events sparked Sean into action to do something with the one of a kind on location video footage he shot from 2003 & 2005. It was the last footage and photography shot before the set's demise in 2006.

The project has grown leaps and bounds over the past year & continues to bring on board various Friday the 13th alumni that starred in part 3 as well friends of Richard's that are still working in the film industry today. Their interviews are pivotal in giving the backstory of the production of part 3 as well as insight into the man Richard Brooker was. 

Promising "new interviews, new reenactments, never before seen photos, and never before seen footage", FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3: THE MEMORIAM DOCUMENTARY features Caroline Williams, Paul Kratka, Larry Zerner, Eileen Dietz, Tracie Savage, David Katims, Dick Wieand, Eric Branden, Michael G. Coleman, Jedediah Jones, Craig W. Chenery, Sean Richards, and Daniel Blunck.

The first teaser trailer for the documentary has now arrived online and can be seen below. I love the idea of getting a documentary that's focused on my favorite installment in my favorite horror franchise, so I will definitely be checking out THE MEMORIAM DOCUMENTARY when it becomes available.

Extra Tidbit: 3-D theatrical viewings of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III are highly recommended.
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