Friday the 13th to be written by Hannibal and Teen Wolf scribe

A new writer has been hired to script the latest FRIDAY THE 13th film.

According the THR, Nick Antosca - who worked as a producer on NBC's Hannibal - has been tapped to pen the latest Jason Voorhees adventure, which is being produced by Platinum Dunes and directed by David Bruckner. Richard Naing and Ian Goldberg wrote the previous draft.

While not a ton is known about the latest F13, it is rumored to involve found footage in some way. Also, word on the street is it answers some burning questions fans have had about the franchise's central character for decades, such as why he can't be killed. (Of course, JASON GOES TO HELL answered that question, unsatisfyingly, but we'll assume this new movie ignores that mythology.)

Antosca recently worked on the David Goyer-produced chiller THE FOREST; he's also written for television shows like MTV's Teen Wolf and NBC's Believe.

The new FRIDAY THE 13th will be released May 13, 2016.

Source: THR



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