Full trailer for Phil Hawkins' The Last Showing, starring Robert Englund

On tap for you this morning we have the full trailer for Phil Hawkins' THE LAST SHOWING, which stars genre icon Robert Englund as a demented projectionist who presides over the midnight movie from hell as he traps two unwitting victims in a cinema to make a horror film of his own. If that doesn't sound like a perfect date night then I don't know what does!

This latest trailer follows yesterday's reveal of the latest artwork for the film and the short teaser we brought you last month. It was only a few days ago when we learned that Screen Media Films had secured the North American rights to the thriller, with plans to release on VOD in September and on DVD in October.

Here’s what it’s about:

THE LAST SHOWING tells the story of a young couple, Martin (Finn Jones) and Allie (Emily Berrington), who have a night out at their local cinema.  They become unwitting stars of their own horror story at the hands of Stuart (Robert Englund), a disturbed projectionist.  Trapping them in the cinema complex, Stuart uses hidden cameras to play his two victims off against one another, directing them to a finale where there can only be one survivor.

Finn Jones and Emily Berrington also star. Check out the full trailer for THE LAST SHOWING below.

Extra Tidbit: Did you dig the trailer for THE LAST SHOWING?



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