Funding secured for Robert Damon Schneck adaptation The Bye Bye Man

Intrepid Pictures, the production company behind such films as THE STRANGERS and OCULUS, has more horror in store for us, and they've just secured financing for a supernatural thriller entitled THE BYE BYE MAN from Los Angeles Media Fund, who will co-produce the film with them.

Set to be directed by Stacy Title (HOOD OF HORROR) from a screenplay by her husband and three time SURVIVOR contestant Jonathan Penner, THE BYE BYE MAN is based on the Robert Damon Schneck short story THE BRIDGE TO BODY ISLAND, which appeared in the author's 2005 book THE PRESIDENT'S VAMPIRE: STRANGE-BUT-TRUE TALES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

A tale related to Schneck by a close friend, THE BRIDGE TO BODY ISLAND centered on three college students in 1990s Wisconsin who are warned by the spirits they contact with a Ouija board of an evil entity called "The Bye Bye Man", a blind, black magic-practicing killer who is drawn to anyone who concentrates too hard on the nickname he gave himself.

THE BYE BYE MAN was at one time set up at Dimension, and the studio had been hoping that the titular character would become the next big horror icon. We'll see how that goes for Intrepid and Los Angeles Media Fund, but the project does sounds promising. 

I've never read THE PRESIDENT'S VAMPIRE, but from what I've been able to glean from Google searches, The Bye Bye Man sounds like a potentially terrifying character. I'm really hoping the filmmakers have chosen to include the creature made of tongues and eyeballs that helps the blind killer out, whistling to let him know when a victim is near. Who doesn't want to see a whistling mass of tongues and eyes? Before this, I never knew how badly I needed such a thing in a movie.

THE BYE BYE MAN is set to start filming this November in Cleveland, Ohio.

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