Future Alien prequels may feature Sigourney Weaver as CGI de-aged Ripley

I know I just posted an article containing not just one, but THREE bits of news on the upcoming Ridley Scott-directed ALIEN prequel ALIEN: COVENANT, but this bit of news is just too good/bad to not bring to the table today.

Turns out in the EMPIRE magazine pics I posted just an hour or so ago, you can read a bit of the article on the side. Well, Brad over at BD's sharp eye caught a nice bit of extra info on not only the future of the ALIEN series but the potential inclusion of a certain character named Ripley...

Here is a screenshot of that bit of news:

As you see, not only does Ridley Scott only confirm there is currently a ten-page synopsis for TWO potential future installments of ALIEN, but that he's not ruling out digitally de-ageing Sigourney Weaver so she can reprise her role as Ripley!


We've seen digital re-creations (and de-aging) before, but not in our beloved horror genre. That said, as long as they get that bitchin' perm Ripley sported back in on the action, I cannot find a reason to complain.

ALIEN: COVENANT hit theaters May 19th.

Yearbook photo time again.

Extra Tidbit: How do you feel about digitally de-aged actors?



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