F/X wiz Robert Hall signs on to William Brent Bell's Wer

Even though his DEVIL INSIDE was thoroughly despised by almost everyone who saw it, it was a surprise success, thus William Brent Bell is generating a lot of interest in his follow-up project, titled WER. The Romania-set film is allegedly about a werewolf in a police station (though plot details are still vague), and it would appear as though Bell has found his man for bringing the beast to life.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Robert Hall's Almost Human company will do make-up and viz f/x work on WER. Hall's studio designed the effects for the two PARANORMAL ACTIVITY sequels, as well as MTV's "Teen Wolf" series. There are countless other flicks to his credit.

Hall, who also directed both LAID TO REST films and is scheduled to helm a CHOPPING MALL remake, spoke to Bloody Disgusting about his new gig, which will combine practical and CG effects:

"It makes sense. I've been trying to achieve the perfect balance of digital and practical on my films for years and so many folks have taken notice that we just cant keep it to ourselves anymore...it's growing, and making the company stronger."

"I've done several movies with Steven Schneider and I really loved the script for WER. Matt, Brian and Morris really know what they want and are not afraid to collaborate. I'm very excited about what we're making together on this picture."

Shooting on WER begins next month.

LAID TO REST 2 star Angelina Armani

Extra Tidbit: Mr. Hall was a guest on the AITH Podcast last year, listen to it HERE!



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