Gael Garcia Bernal takes lead in gritty, post-apocalyptic Zorro Reborn

Been a long time coming, but it looks like Fox found their man!

Back in April we wrote about a project called ZORROR REBORN, which at the time, was set to move the titular banded-eyed jouster from California to his native Mexico. Well, looks like those plans are out, despite finding a new leading man to take the sword and sash from Antonio Banderas.

Word from Variety is Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal (AMORES PERROS, BAD EDUCATION) has won the affection of Fox, so much so that he'll portray the newfangled Zorro. Not sure if it's desire or necessity for Bernal, as we've all last seen the dude suave it up with Adrien Brody and Andre 3000 in those Gillette commercials.

With a script by Glenn Gers and HARKER scribes Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy:

ZORROR REBORN is a futuristic reboot of the classic Zorro mythology that will not be set in California or Mexico, despite the story's Western themes. Garcia Bernal will play the character as a masked vigilante bent on revenge.

Star of the last ZORRO film, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Extra Tidbit: Thoughts on a refashioned ZORRO of this kind? How do you like Bernal in the role?
Source: Variety



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