Game Party Massacre

Now this looks like a fun one! First off, I learned a new phrase today with the help of wikipedia. The phrase is “LAN PARTY” which means a temporary, sometimes spontaneous, gathering of people together with their computers, which they network together primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer computer games. Sound pretty dorky to you? It does to me! I think it would be great if someone showed up at one of these gatherings and tore everybody to shreds. Hence, my enthusiasm for this latest feature, LAN PARTY MASSACRE.

And lucky for all you kiddies, we’ve got the perfect teaser trailer for the flick below. But before you give that tease a click, wrap your brain around the movie’s fun synopsis (like you really have to):

The F5 Energy Drink company sponsors a LAN party tournament, inviting top gamers from across the nation to compete for a major cash prize and a chance to defeat acclaimed professional gamer (and F5 patsy) "[email protected]". Hardcore players, bloggers, shut-ins, cosplayers, and video game fans from every walk of life come to witness the event. However, when a gamer pushed too far into the virtual world of killing begins to hunt the other attendees, his body count far surpasses his score. Through a keen blend of absurd humor, clever video game references, notable video game celebrity cameos, as well as lots of blood, creative deaths, and practical gore, LAN PARTY MASSACRE appeals to both gamers and horror film buffs alike.

Always the fan of the comedy/horror/slasher genre, this is one PARTY I’ll certainly be attending. It was directed by Jim Kunz and written by Matthew Mercer and Jack Conway. It’s set to release some time in 2009.

Source: AITH Video



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