Gears of War movie adaptation looks for new home

GEARS OF WARS fans, we have good news and bad news.

The bad news: With THE HOBBIT on the brain New Line aborted their plans to turn the post-apocalyptic, military action game into a film, allowing the rights to go into turnaround.

The good news: CAA and Epic Games are taking them lemons and making lemonade. The pair has announced plans to meet with all sorts of producers in the coming weeks to develop GEARS at another studio. So the movie adaptation is probably going to happen sooner than it ever would have at New Line. Hooray!

Here's a brief rundown of GEARS turbulent Hollywood history: New Line snagged the franchise in 2007 and got Len Wiseman set to direct. Stuart Beattie (COLLATERAL) has done the most recent draft which is apparently still in the development mix. His version follows previous iterations by Billy Ray (HUNGER GAMES) and Chris Morgan (WANTED).

In recent GEARS gaming news, franchise visionary Cliff Bleszinski announced he would be taking break from the gaming world, the timing of which many are speculating could be related to issues with Epic over the GEARS movie.

What I'm more interested in is what GEARS OF WAR fans want from a film adaptation. Besides over-the-top, Locust Horde decimating violence, of course. Talk back below, ladies and fellas, with your thoughts on the news and your own dream vision for the GEARS OF WAR movie.

Extra Tidbit: Kate Beckinsale is married to Len Wiseman. I bet she would've at least made a cameo in his version.
Source: Variety



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