Geeknation to premiere Holliston Season 3 online next year

Holliston, the FEARnet television show created by Adam Green (HATCHET) and starring himself and close friend Joe Lynch (WRONG TURN 2) as fictional versions of themselves, has suffered. Following the tragic death of cast member Dave Brockie (AKA Oderus Urungus of the heavy metal band GWAR) in March 2014 and the closure of FEARnet four months later, the show and its tight-knit community has incurred a series of heavy blows. But good news is on the horizon!

Today it was announced that Holliston will return for a 10-episode third season in the summer of 2016 thanks to the digital network Geeknation, which also hosts the podcast The Movie Crypt, which is hosted by Green and Lynch and named after the television program they host within the sitcom. Co-stars Laura Ortiz (THE HILLS HAVE EYES), Corri English (UNREST), and Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) are also set to return.

Says Adam Green:

In most cases, the trials and tribulations we have endured as a cast would mean the end of a series. But this is Holliston and we are much more than just a sit-com. We are a bona fide family. By leaning on each other and embracing the overwhelming love and support of our fans (known as the “Holliston Nation”), we never became disenchanted by our unfortunate circumstances or allowed our collective inspirational fire to go out.

Horror geeks everywhere can rejoice with the knowledge that this incredibly niche show will be rising again and bringing its astonishingly true heart and soul to the internet airwaves in its inimitable, idiosyncratic, eternally underground fashion once more. 
Over the course of its previous two seasons, Holliston has featured a cavalcade of horror-related guest stars, including Seth Green, Tony Todd, Danielle Harris, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, James Gunn, Derek Mears, Bailee Madison, Ray Wise, John Landis, and Kane Hodder. Here's hoping they can continue that winning streak! Check out their announcement video below!

Corri, Adam, Laura, and Joe say hello and share the good news from their first rehearsal for Season 3!!

Posted by Holliston TV Show on Monday, July 20, 2015
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