Get buried alive with this trailer for Detour

Taphophobia: the fear of being buried alive.

It's a fear that many people share and it is exactly the scenario the lead character in William Dickerson's new film DETOUR finds himself in. Sure, we've seen our fair share of claustrophic thrillers involving being buried alive in the past (the most notable recent entry was the Ryan Reynolds-starring BURIED), but there's always room for a new take on the situation as it seems to tap into one of our most primal fears.

We have a look at the trailer for Dickerson's new thriller DETOUR below.

Directed by William Dickerson, DETOUR stars Neil Hopkins as a businessman who finds himself blindsided by mother nature and buried under an avalanche, with only his car and what little air remains in it for shelter. The trailer below shows his predicament and his realization that no one is coming to save him, which means if he wants to survive this ordeal, he's on his own.

The film also stars John Forest, Brea Grant, Ptolemy Scolum and Deb Snyder.

Look for DETOUR to hit theaters and iTunes on March 29.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite claustrophic thriller/horror film?



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