Get into Evil Things with this host of goodies from new Italian chiller

Not to be confused with the same title we wrote about and reviewed in 2009, here comes a new Italian horror joint called EVIL THINGS. No doubt a low-budget effort, we have a cool lobby card, trailer and synopsis for the new Simone Gandolfo film. Dig in below!

With Marta Gastini (below), Pietro Ragusa, Aaron Omossie,Nicola Sorrenti and Jennifer Mischiati - EVIL THINGS is:

A ruthless cat chasing mouse game that begins with the EVIL THINGS blog that launches a contest: all of those that will post the most evil things, undergo uncontroversial judgment from users, and The Master’s mysterious judgment are to win a mysterious prize. The important thing is to win, whatever it takes, doing the evilest no matter what or against who.

Four kids: Nina, Christian, Julia and Nick, the winners who receive an email with the date and the place they have to pick their prize up from. It is a small town surrounded by mountains, inhabited by freaks and misfits, where someone who remains unseen closely spies on them.

Four characters that belong to both this viral generation and technological solitude, that find deep and immediate meaning in gratuitous violence, somehow a Clockwork Orange style life pushed to the limit of what is allowed and intimate, constantly under the web’s spotlight.

Who will be saved from the Master’s prize, that is, is anyone going to be saved? The game and virtual trial is to begin, the kids are going to be punished live, for the EVIL THINGS they have committed, with atonement proportionally equal to their cruelty. However, the person who pulls all of the strings, that is, The Master has already chosen Nina, the only one that does EVIL THINGS to her own self and not to others. The only one, that might be able to survive.

No telling if and when this sucker will release, but we'll keep an ear to the grindstone for you.

Extra Tidbit: You see the 2009 EVIL THINGS?
Source: Film Export



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