Get ready for JoBlo.com's Annual Halloween Contest!

'Tis the season for skeletons, straw, candy corn, pumpkins, falling leaves, and, oh yeah, costume madness! That's right, folks, Halloween is here and it's time to bust out your coolest, most creative costumes and take part in our annual JoBlo.com Halloween Costume Contest! Last year we had our first ever contest and you guys outdid yourselves (check out the pics here)! Some truly great entries were submitted and it was awesome to see the Schmoe community (MFC represent!) come together and rock out their costumes for all to see.

So, with that same spirit in mind, we're opening it up yet again and want to plant that pumpkin seed in your head to start preparing your costumes now. Surely, many of you are already preparing something most excellent for the big day, so this is just a little more incentive to outdo yourself. As you make your way out into the dark, spooky night this Halloween, make sure you bring a camera and take some shots of what you're rockin' and post to our Facebook page, Twitter (@joblocom), or simply e-mail your pics to: [email protected] (please make sure to keep your entries under 5 MB and in .jpg format i.e. no tiffs, gifs, etc.)

Did you say Prize?

The biggest prize, of course, is having fun and sharing your awesome costumes with fellow readers, but based on all your entries, we'll choose one winner, the best of the best, (we vote among the staff) who will be awarded an awesome JoBlo.com-related T-shirt of their choosing along with a $50 gift card from Amazon.com.

Aw, man, there's rules??

All photos MUST be submitted by 9 p.m. on Friday, November 1st. We'll post the winner and all the best entries on Monday, November 4th! We'll be selecting costumes based on originality, design, and overall creativity. We don't need "photoshoot" quality here, just good ol' fashioned snapshots. Also, please include your NAME and E-MAIL with your submitted photo, just in case you're the winner!

So, get those gears grinding, pull out the thread and needle, and bust out the make-up kit and show us what you got! If last year was any indication, we're in for some really cool entries. Personally, I can't wait to see what you guys bring to the table!

Halloween is our favorite time of the year here at JoBlo.com (next to Comic Con of course), so keep your eyes peeled on the JoBlo logo over the coming weeks for some spooky cool Halloween fun!

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